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2018 Summer Short Courses

IT department of IVE(TM) offer a set of up-to-date and interesting short courses to students in 2018 Summer.


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Department of Information Technology(Tuen Mun) Video Channel


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2017-18 Taster Workshop

IT department of IVE(TM) offer list of up-to-date and interesting taster programme to secondary students.


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2018-2-27 Visit to HKT Data Center

Around 30 students from TM/IT joined a "Visit to HKT Data Center" tour to recognize the daily operation of such Big-Scale Data Center in Hong Kong.

2016 IT 7-days Study Tour to Toyko, Japan

16 students and 2 staff from TM/IT joined a study tour to Toyko(Japan) during 31 May to 5 June 2016.

2016 IT 17-days Study Tour to England

22 students and 2 staff from TM/IT will join a study tour to England during 8-24 August 2016.

2016 IT Study Tour to Qianhai, China

22 students and 4 staff from TM/IT joined Qianhai study tour which organized by Qianhai International Liaison Services Limited on 29 February 2016 (Monday).

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